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food labeling

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Topic: food labeling
Posted By: Hoser
Subject: food labeling
Date Posted: 27 December 2012 at 06:14
Did you ever wonder what might happen if they started labeling processed foods honestly?Wink

Go with your food!

Posted By: Margi Cintrano
Date Posted: 27 December 2012 at 07:24
Now you can understand why we buy our fruit and veggies and just about all fresh from Mediterranean Central Markets and limit ourselves to packaged food of any kind !  
There is truth in all humor, we say in the Mediterranean too !
Happy New Year;
Thanks for posting,

Volamos a Mediterraneo, un paraiso que conquista su gente u su cocina.

Posted By: HistoricFoodie
Date Posted: 27 December 2012 at 07:57

Dave, I don't think it would make much difference.

Do you think the folks who patronize fast-food joints aren't aware of the nutritional hazards? Certainly most of them are. But convenience trumps healthy eating.
I'll never forget, too, a special about GMOs that the public television folks did a few years back. Part of it included a survey about labeling. Overwhelmingly the audience voted in favor of identifying GMOs on the label. But, a follow-up question was, "if a particular food was labeled as GMO, would you still buy it?" And the answer was just as overwhelmingly, "yes."
In other words, the question wasn't whether or not GMOs were safe, or even healthy. Just so long as it said GMO on the label.
I still don't understand the point of that. Labeling information should be about helping you make a decision, not about imposing unnecessary costs on the food industry.

Posted By: HistoricFoodie
Date Posted: 27 December 2012 at 08:06
Now you can understand why we buy our fruit and veggies and just about all fresh from Mediterranean Central Markets
Unfortunately, Marge, that not necessarily a solution in the U.S. Many farmers markets and virtually all central markets have no rules about food quality. They aren't all even grower markets.
So take the Lexington Farmers Market as an example. It is not a growers market. Much of what's sold is bought at the same terminal market where the grocery store gets theirs: the same hybrid veggies; doused with the same chemicals; grown to fit the needs of the food distribution system (i.e., harvested green, kept in cold storage, tough enough to withstand the rigors of truck, train, and boat transportation, etc.). In short, it's no more nor less healthy than buying it in the supermarket. It just costs more.
Even grower-only markets are no guarantee of healthier foods. Many members of such markets do not use organic methods. And we're back to eating the same synthetic chemicals. The only difference is at these markets you know the veggies were ripened on the plants. But is that a real advantage when they're covered with the same synthetic insecticides, and fungicides, and herbicides, and fertilizers?
It always amuses me that we insist on having all the additives listed on packaged foods, but ignore them with so-called fresh ones.

Posted By: TasunkaWitko
Date Posted: 27 December 2012 at 08:10
We have several" rel="nofollow - Hutterite colonies in the area ~ great source of good-quality, fresh produce as well as baked goods and occasionally sausages. It's a wonderful food advantage that we don't use often enough, I am ashamed to say.

If you are a visitor and like what you see, please" rel="nofollow - click here and join the discussions in our community!

Posted By: Hoser
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 02:18
Right you are Brook...some folks just don't get it. I guess suspicions about what was in things is one of the major factors that got me started making my own sausage and bacon.

It's sort of nice to know exactly what is in your food.

As far as those fast food folks....well, to each his own I guess. I don't mind folks killing themselves, but I sure do hate seeing them raise their children on nothing but "happy meals". 

Obesity epidemic? what obesity epidemic?

Oh, well...maybe I'll break down and try some myself....a guy on here has been telling how great those McRib sandwiches are. LOL Wink

Go with your food!

Posted By: Margi Cintrano
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 02:30
Very interesting read on the Hutterites Sect.
Thanks for posting.
Happy Holidays,

Volamos a Mediterraneo, un paraiso que conquista su gente u su cocina.

Posted By: Margi Cintrano
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 02:51
Perhaps, let me re-explain; there are very few manipulated or false fruit or vegetables in the Mediterranean. The aromas are amazing. The fruit tastes like fruit and the veggies like veggies.
The Central Market, is a Farmer´s Market indoors or outdoors in rural small villages and towns.
The produce is wholesale and retail. The produce is sold to five star and four star hotels, restaurants of repertoire & Chefs of Michelin Stars and the locals too. This is not supermarket quality nor is it in plastic. One picks their own fruit and veggies, and they are weighed & then bagged, and you pay the clerk.   
They ( the items ) have a band or a sticker; that states natural ecologically grown and the name of the Farm in which they have derived & the Designation of Origin ( a EU regulation).
Spain is the E.U.´s largest exporter of fruit and vegetables to northern Europe. This is not what the locals eat !  These fruit and vegetables have to be picked at a lesser ripeness and are packaged for air, rail, truck, ship shipments; depending on the Designation of Origin and season.
I prefer not to go further with this, as I am not qualified to discuss this matter indepthly, as I am not a grower or a farmer who exports.
Interesting thread,
Happy Holidays.

Volamos a Mediterraneo, un paraiso que conquista su gente u su cocina.

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